For thousands of years, it was taken for granted that the Jesus of the Christian Scriptures was one and the same with the Jesus of history. The ‘Enlightenment’ age changed all that. There perhaps has not been any other historical person that has been subject to such intense scrutiny as Jesus has. The intense skepticism that has been turned on Jesus culminated in Albert Schweitzer’s seminal work The Quest of the Historical Jesus, in the early 1900s.

While Schweitzer rebuked many of the previous ‘quests’ for the historical Jesus that had come before, his book takes it for granted that the skeptical and secular approach to historical Jesus was on the right track, was making progress, and laid to rest any notion that the Jesus of the Christian faith was one and the same as the Jesus of history.

Schweitzer’s book is available in full on this website and can be purchased in digital and print versions.

But as it turns out, Schweitzer did not have the last word. The quest continues. There have been some turns of events that would have surprised Schweitzer: namely, scholars- even secular scholars- have come to acknowledge that there is much more historical value in the Gospels than previously allowed. Scholars such as Dr. Gary Habermas have gone so far as to argue that based only on what would be admitted by secular, atheistic, historians, it can be shown that the existence, death, and resurrection of Jesus was an actual event in history.

Clearly, if it be true that a man claimed to be God and backed it up by rising from the dead- as a real fact of history- all bets are off.

This site will help you explore this very important question.

Full text of Albert Schweitzer’s Quest of the Historical Jesus


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